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My quest for the holy grail

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Day 17

There haven't been any major changes with my skin since my last update. I was attending a wedding yesterday, and ofc my skin was redder than ever. I was rather annoyed to go out with such a red face, but I really had to go. On the way there I realized that my shirt & tie were really starting to annoy my skin. I also apply BP on my neck because I get acne there sometimes. When I went to the bathroom I saw my skin was really dry and flaky around my neck. I felt like leaving even before everything started.

Meh... I don't want to whine, I have a lot going for me and want to stay positive. But yesterday really annoyed me. Now I have acne, and my skin looks like it's falling apart. At least with only acne, I could get over it a bit easier by not looking in the mirror too much. Now I can feel my skin drying, and am rather self conscious. To top it off I woke up this morning with three new pimples :doubt: I feel like I want to stop doing the regimen, but I guess now is the time to keep going and push on! So I will :)

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for me I actually like to smack a bit of tomato into the honey. I think you can use any honey, btut pick somehting that's more.... organic. (just in case if there're any un-organic honey....). But I hear manuka honey is the top choice (easy to find). I'm just using lychee honey that i have in the kitchen. Just that as if said, honey is drippy, so the oatmeal might thicken it up. I also add egg white in it sometimes ... so it's just like cooking.... whatever I feel like I want to put on my skin. Sometimes, I like it plain honey.

haha, yea the psychology of you're taking something, it has to help in some way. The only thing is I always feel that taking fish oil might break some people out.. probably it's the word "oil" sounds off for me hahah How about diet? I always think that it has something to do with acne...

Yikes, sorry about having a bad skin day for a wedding... but the good news is you're not the groom. so, people's focus wasn't on you, and other guests would only remember about how happy the newly weds and how beautiful their wedding was ;) For me, I'm ok to look crappy on someone else's wedding, cause what's important is that the couple have a great day.

well don't give up yet, it has just been a bit over half a month!

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Hey, did you ever make any progress with the red/dry/flakiness? I was hoping this would work for you!

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