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John R

Neosporin Cream + Potassium Sorbate

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I used to use neosporin cream for acne, it worked wonderfully for several months, I was acne free, and then it pooped out on me. After that it seemed to only work as a moisturizer.

I recently purchased some potassium sorbate, which you all might have heard of, it is used as a preservative in foods and in wine and beer making, it stops germs from growing. Thinking, hey, maybe I can use this, I mixed it in with my leftover neosporin.

I rubbed the mixture into my face and lo and behold, redness, inflammation, and swelling was reduced. The next day, the effects were even better. It seems to work day after day, improving my skins appearance. It works fast at killing off acne, shrinking existing zits, and stopping new ones from appearing. In 2 days my face was much clearer.

Here is info on the potassium sorbate - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_sorbate

Potassium sorbate can be purchased at wine and beer brewing supply shops, you can find them in the phone book or order it online. It is really cheap, I bought my bottle for 2.50, and you only need a little bit to mix in, it will last a long time. It smells a little funny until it dries, if you don't like that maybe just use it at bed time.

The ratio I used was 3 tubes of neosporin cream, 1 gram of potassium sorbate, mix together in a container. That should last you awhile. Don't use too much potassium sorbate, it is an acid and can irritate the skin.

This is the best method I've come across so far. Good luck!

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Wow amazing idea here - that's really thinking outside the box. I actually recently started using neosporin + pain releif cream although I might consider trying potassium sorbate. Please keep us updated on whether this stuff continues to work.

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If you do give it a try save your neosporin cream, you will need that oil based cream to mix your potassium sorbate into. Potassium sorbate comes as small granules that dissolve when mixed with the cream, you cant just apply it directly to the face, nor would you want to as its irritating at high concentrations. Just a very small amount with each application. To give you an idea, in wine making they use 1/2 a teaspoon to stabilize a gallon and halt yeast reproduction.

My tough skin can handle a strong solution, it would probably be best to start off trying the mixture at a ratio of 1/4 gram of potassium sorbate with 3 tubes neosporin cream.

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Been applying it for about two weeks now, doing a follow up. Still works great when applied twice daily after rinsing my face with hot water and a rag. I've gotten lazy because it works well and skipped some days and new zits have become visible, I get back into my strict regimen and they are gone in 2 days. Persistence is important even when your method gets you clear apparently, oh well.

The pluses of this regimen are, the potassium sorbate is acidic, so there must be some exfoliation activity going on to help keep pores clear. And then you get the combined anti-bacterial activity of the neosporin and the strong activity of the potassium sorbate. And finally, while this is going on, the neosporins oily cream base is acting as a moisturizer so the skin stays healthy in appearance.

It all disappears when you rub it into the skin after applying the mixture.

http://www.randbswinesupply.com/servlet/th...bate-1oz/Detail is a link for the potassium sorbate its only 2$ for an ounce, last a long time.

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