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Goat Milk as Acne Regimen

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A lot has been said and written about the relationship between goat milk and acne. While cow's milk is being considered as a potential acne trigger, goat's milk is being touted as the new wonder cure to acne. But can goat's milk really help get rid of acne? Or is this just one of the numerous existing acne myths? Let us find out.

Beneficial for acne prone skin

If you are suffering from acne, then goat's milk could be actually good for you. This is because goat's milk has various properties that make it good for acne. One of the most important factors that work in favor of goat's milk as an acne treatment is its exfoliating nature.

Goat's milk works as a gentle exfoliant and helps remove dead skin cells that keep on sticking to your skin. It is these dead skin cells that eventually clog skin pores and cause acne. It also opens up clogged skin pores and helps treat acne at its root.

The milk of goat also has various anti bacterial properties. It destroys the acne causing bacteria and also limits their growth. Besides, goat's milk also works as an anti inflammatory agent and helps soothe itched skin. It also prevents further swelling and redness of pimples.

While goat's milk works well for acne sufferers with various skin types, it is even better if you have dry skin. Goat's milk has same PH levels as human skin. So while it cures your acne, it prevents your skin from becoming rough and scaly.

Thus, goat's milk has a couple of benefits in store for you if you are suffering from acne.

Not a cure to acne

Excessive sebum is one of the prime causes of acne. However, goat's milk does nothing to resolve this cause of acne. It is for this reason that the efficacy of goat's milk as an acne treatment is restricted. Also, goat's milk may not work for very case of acne. This is more so in the case of severe acne forms like nodular or cystic acne.

So even if goat's milk has numerous properties that are beneficial for acne affected skin, it cannot be considered as a cure to acne. But nonetheless, you can continue drinking goat's milk along with using an effective acne treatment to treat your skin.

Using goat milk for acne prone skin

If you are considering using goat's milk to treat acne prone skin, then you can drink milk daily. Alternatively, you could even use goat's milk in various dairy products. Besides drinking goat's milk you could even use goat milk soap which is good for acne affected skin. It treats the skin gently and cleans it without causing any skin drying.

So, while you use goat milk for acne affected skin, make sure that you do not rely on it solely.

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My Doctor told me to try goats milk soap but I could not find any in the local stores so I picked up a shea butter soap instead... my mom said she see's goats milk soap a craft fairs so next time she'll pick me up some but i'm hoping this other soap i'm using will do the job!

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