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im 15 and i have whiteheads on my nose and cheeks by my nose but not alot. my face is also red there but not my nose. the redness on my cheeks looks like irritation because of all the topicals and cleansers i've been using on my face. almost all of the products i've used were salycilic acid. when i used to wash my face and put all that stuff on my face it didnt really help.

since about two weeks ago i decided to not wash my face for a while like water water and all those other guys. i noticed my cheeks arent as red or oily but the whiteheads are still there and a little red. do you think i should wait another week or two to see if i see more improvement?

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It's very normal to get acne in this age 85 % of teenegers !

I would suggest to not use anything strong and let the face to correct itself, if acne doesn't run in your family( especially if it is mild as in your case whitehead). Use cleanser and soap

Because, I gotta tell you using strong medications could irritate the skin and causing it to get worse and it may lead to scars ! Trust me I've been having acne since I was 15 (now 21) and I used all medications and I found out that they are not permentant solutions just temporarly and lead to new breakouts eventually.

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Moved to the Mild To Moderate Acne board.

The Acne Research board is for discussing the latest acne studies and scientific evidence.

Please read the board descriptions before posting to ensure that you are posting on the appropriate board.

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