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Okay, so i'm probably the whitest thing alive haha. When I get pimples and poke at them, it's kind of obvious, but after they go away, my skin seems weirdly darker in the whole area around it..mostly my cheeks... it's not scarring or anything, it's just that my skin doesn't have that "glow" that it used to... it looks sort of like I'm wearing the wrong shade of foundation (but I'm not wearing any)... my skin just FEELS different in a weird way. Even when it's clear, it just doesn't feel as healthy as it could be.

also GIRLS. Any of you know of a light foundation with no funny tinting that can be used to cover up redness (and good with oily skin?) I don't want to look fake tan or all gothy, I just want to have my cheeks be pink where they're SUPPOSED to be hah. I'm not really a foundation kinda gal, so it needs to be easy haha. I just have naturally pink cheeks and live in the south so sometimes I feel like it looks like I just went running or something...



also, any products that have worked for anyone to reduce redness?

like face washes or lotions or anything?

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Are you using a toner? I used a toner that contains Alpha hydroxy and beta nightly and it helps reduce red marks.

I am also very white so I know it can suck.

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Yeah, I'm super pale and my face gets irritated easily. At one point my face was so flush and burning that I even washed it with hair conditioner to just get some relief.

Since I have stopped using harsh cleansers and retin-A that has gone away and hopefully for good.

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I use cetaphil cleanser in the afternoon to remove my make up. It's so gentle I can even wash my eyelids and if it gets into my eye it doesn't even sting. I follow it with glycolic acid cream.

In the morning I use Aveen clear completion cream cleanser, it has 2% SA, but doesn't irritate my skin like other SA products. I follow it with glycolic acid before my makeup.

I'm all for gentle these days; I've tried the other and I never had clear skin anyway :wall:

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