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Roaccutane and moisturizing

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Hi guys

I just wanted to share this because it's killing me.. I made the stupidest mistake of my life.

I used roaccutane for 4 weeks now the first two weeks I didn't moisturize my skin which led to dryness and peeling.. Now, my face is full of small scars and huge scars under my eyes (like dots) because of the peeling happened.. Please accutane users moistruize as much possible as you can to prevent the skin from peeling and scarring.. I'm so sad and pissed off my derma wasn't clear about the moistruizing problem.. Also, I think that all my old scars resulted from using Bezoyl had something to do with not moistruizing because I let it peeled.. Am I correct guys or is it supposed to dry, peel and scar ? please answer me I'm too dissapointed feeling really desperate can't look at my face now..

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OMG that sounds really scary!!

I'm on my 20th day of being on Roaccutane and sometimes I accidentally scratch my face and it hurts like hell...so I'm thinking of tying my hands behind my back to solve that problem.

My dermatologist told me to moisturise all the time, although I'm not putting on as much because my face is still quite oily. I am putting on a lot of non-oily sunscreen though during the day even though I'm indoors most of the day.

Maybe you should go to a different dermatologist? Because as far as I know, Roaccutane is suppose to dry out your skin so it would only be logical to moisturise.

So perhaps get a second referral on your next check up and see what the other dermatologist says.

I'm scared now. I already have tiny not-so-superficial scars from before I started using Roaccutane, hopefully it won't get worst!

Good luck buddy

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I don't know man but thanks for the advice I'll see how it goes.. So did it scar when you scratched your face ?

I got very huge scar under my eye again today ! I don't even have acne under my eyes this is really dissapointing...

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