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screw you acne, HELP SOS

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im 17, was fully mintage for 17 years and then broke out about 3 months ago with hormonal acne, i die, my brothers got intense acne for about 2-3 years now and im scared im heading down that direction with the sibling connection. i get it mostly on my 2 cheeks and my forehead and just recently roughly through my jawline a tincy bit. Doctor said it was a 3/10 acne and should be a easy fix. Doctor prescribed some duac once daily gel, used it for 3 weeks then stopped for 3 days just had no time to fit it in and broke out and went back to square one, im also usually really impatient and will stop a resiem just cause i don't see major results in a couple of weeks, now im dedicated and will go back to it, i need some guidance as there's just too many products out there and i cant decide, here's my resiemen


*dermalogica special cleansing gel

*clean and clear moisturizer


*dermalogica special cleansing gel

*aspirin mask (every 2nd day usually as an exfoliator, first or second time i used, it made a dramatic change in my skin, now everytime i use it, its just really medicore and i just feel its makes my skin smooth like baby's bottom.

*duac one daily gel

*clean and clear moisturizer (i give the gel about 30 minutes to settle first)


*my moisturizer is running out so i'm thinking bout switching to cetaphil , the reviews have been fantastical and at the time i was an amateur and thought clean and clear was good lol

* my special gel cleanser is also running out, its kinda on the pricey side so i was also thinking bout changing it, any suggestions peeps?

*i work at a fast food suckshack so i eat a lot of fatty food, i would almost say day to day basis, im not making any guarantees but i shall try tone that down and drink tons of water each day, my doctor says fatty food and chocolate dosen't contribute much to my hormonal acne but i beg to differ

*now i need some advice, should i drop anything atm?

is there anything wrong with my resieum?

is anything highly recommended like an exfoliator? vitamin pills? exercise?

i also scored a free facial worth 100 dorra and i don't know if it's a good idea, scared it will break me out more?????

i have around 8 weeks to get fully clear before a new chapter in my life starts and i rearryy hope its works, acne is sucha a buzzkill, so any advice or opinions , please lemme know, it would seriously mean the world to me

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