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diet questions

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since june of this year, I had been on some kind of diet in an attempt to get clear. first it was the low gi diet(not necessarily low gl).

second came the anti-inflammatory diet, I was only on this for about 2 weeks, I started breaking out after a week so I decided not to pursue it any longer.

third came the alkaline diet. well, I wasn't really on this one, I will attempt this or the paleo diet soon. I sorta embarked on the alkaline diet, but it was half alkaline diet, half whatever diet.

anyway, the point to all this is: looking back to a time before I was on an "anti-acne" diet, my breakouts were pretty bad, I would get huge cystic acne. Looking back over the last 4 months, my acne did improve quite a bit when I was on the different diets.

recently, for some reason, I started to think that diet didn't play a part in my acne, so I tested it. For the last 8-9 days, I ate junk food, fast food, fried food, ate lots of sugar, and even drank some alcohol for the first time in about 7 months. The last few days have been terrible, I broke out very badly. Some on my cheek, and a huge amount on my chin area. Even had a cystic one. The bad part is I can still feel them coming.

Anyway, thanks for reading my story, I have a couple of questions though:

1)Is natural sugar less likely to cause a breakout?(cane, fruit, veggie, etc.)

2)Which diet has worked better for you?(Paleo, anti-inflammatory, low gl, alkaline, etc.)

Thanks for your help.

Peace and love.

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Personally I think you should give the diets longer. Many things that help acne (including accutane, B5 etc), cause an initial breakout at first. This means that we would always stop when this happens. It could be you are trying things that would help. I'd give them a month, as long as they are naturally healthy diets that you could happily continue if eventually they keep you clear.

Low GL diet has worked best for me, plus irrespective of the acne, I've never felt better.

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Well, first of all, to be anti-inflammatory, a diet needs to be low GL as excess insulin is inflammatory.

And yes, natural sugar can elevate insulin just as much as refined sugar.

I eat a blood sugar stabilizing, anti-inflammatory nutrient dense diet.

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