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Need Acne Advice, Girls? Look here!

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Hey everyone!

I have suffered with moderate/severe acne for years until now. I have tried just about every product out there, and I can tell you that the bottom line is this: for women, persistant moderate to severe acne boils down to one thing: hormones. If you are using good products like Retin-A and Clyndamyacin/Duac Gel, etc. regularly, and acne still occurs after continuous usage, something is wrong. It's not just a surface problem-it goes deeper than that. An imbalance of too much testosterone can cause acne. Birth Control WILL HELP!

I would consider having hormone levels checked. If you persistantly are experiencing breakouts, birth control like Yasmine or Orthotrycycline will regulate the hormone levels thus reducing breakouts. Sometimes, an oral antiobiotic like Solodyn or Doxycycline will be prescribed. Also, androgen blockers like Spironolactone help if acne is hormonal-caused. At first, acne may flare up tremendously, but with time, it should dissipate. Look up PCOS, girls...you never know if you may have it! Keep in mind that keeping a routine is helpful when it comes to your skin-be sure to use medications every night or exactly as prescribed to get rid of your acne!

Tips: change pillow cases every night to stop breakouts, sometimes, it's better in the long run to go without the makeup, and to simply let the skin breathe (even if it is unsightly), before applying Retin-A products, let the skin dry for 30 mins to an hour to prevent irritation, NEVER wear Retin-A during the day due to sun sensitivity, Tazorac can be VERY damaging to skin if used too much BE CAREFUL, keep Retin-A application to a pea-size amount, Neutrogena sunscreens are the best (not just an opinion-pretty accurate across the board), Dove bar soap sensitive skin green label is most hypo-allergenic and great for acne-sufferers, most medicines for face used over night need to be kept on longer than we think-five hours of sleep with Retin-A on is not enough for it to work, make sure that you can use certain moisturizers with Retin-A products as some can reduce effectiveness, MOST IMPORTANT-the moment you realize that acne is occurring, GET TO THE DERMATOLOGIST! If you wait, it just gets worse and finally, forget Proactive, Neutrogena face washes, home remedies, and drug store crap. Persistant Acne usually calls for PRESCRIPTION DRUGS that ACTUALLY WORK. Trust me... I know. And even if you are reluctant to resort to drugs, they are better than complications which can arise from acne. NIP ACNE IN THE BUD

I have won the battle with acne, but now I am left with scars, because I waited too long to fix the problem. I just hope that I can pass some information on to help others. Birth control, Spironolactone, Atralin, and Duac Gel have helped me the most. For scars, laser has worked wonderfully. Hope this helps! :)

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congrats on conquering your acne! i was all for birth control but i heard that when you stop using it your body just goes through all of the hormonal crap again and all of your acne comes back, but worse! And i cannot imagine that birth control for the rest of a person's life would be too thrilling a concept. Do you think there is much validity to that theory?

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awesome post! I am a girl, who has also tried everything and i have come to the same conclusions you have! follow the advice above!!

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