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Benefits of a caffeine-free life

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I understand from my research on the internet that there is no definitive link between caffeine and acne. This post is not going to debate about that. Rather, I am going to write about my personal experience of the benefits of a caffeine-free life and how caffeine has affected my acne.

State of my acne

  • I have been on the contraceptive pill since I was 16 in order to control my severe back acne and mild facial acne.
  • I am 26 now.
  • For the first 6-7 years of going on the pill, I was 99.5% clear, with only the occasional blemishes.
  • For the past 3-4 years, I have started getting persistent chin acne, and have started getting light to mild back acne.

My (previous) caffeine habits

  • Since 2004, I had started drinking predominantly green tea throughout the day (i.e. green tea instead of water). I could drink up to 10 cups a day.
  • I also enjoyed a daily cup of English Breakfast either in the morning or after a hearty meal.

My general physical state while drinking all that caffeine

  • Even after 8 hours of sleep (which I got on most nights), I would still wake up feeling sluggish and tired. I would then need a mug of English Breakfast tea or green tea to wake myself up.
  • I was ALWAYS sleepy after lunch at work.
  • On the weekends, when I drank less tea, I would feel sluggish throughout the WHOLE day.
  • I sometimes had trouble sleeping at night. On average, I would say it took me about 20 minutes to fall asleep. Then there were the occasional nights when my mind would remain so active (even if I was physically tired) that I would spend a few hours struggling to fall asleep.

Stopping caffeine

I never really associated my caffeine intake with my persistent chin acne, but my boyfriend suddenly suggested to me that I might be overdosing on caffeine, so he asked me to try stop my caffeine intake completely to see whether it would have an effect on my acne (and my physical health).

I have stopped taking caffeine for exactly a week now.

I didn't stop cold turkey though. I reduced my caffeine dose on a daily basis and have been completely caffeine-free now for about 3 days.

A caffeine-free life

Caffeine withdrawal syndrome: For the first few days, I wasn't used to the reduced caffeine intake. I felt really sleepy throughout the whole day. It's like how I used to feel on the weekend when I wasn't drinking as much tea.

Then, here comes the best part:

  • Whether it's related or not, my persistent chin acne has been healing itself. I haven't formed any new pimples for a week now.
  • I have been falling asleep at night within 10 minutes of hitting my head against the pillow. Of course, I haven't been timing myself, but I know the next morning that I fell asleep right away the previous night.
  • I wake up feeling AWAKE rather than sluggish.

Of course, it's only been a week, but as you can see, whether caffeine is related to your acne or not, there is more reason than one to cut down on your caffeine intake. You will get better sleep at night, you will feel more energetic (and less reliant on coffee and tea for your energy boost) throughout the day, and well, it might just have an effect on your acne!

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I have already been trying to cut down on my caffeine habit, reading your post has given me more motivation :) Thanks for sharing,

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Good to hear more people are seeing effects of caffeine.

Also been one week into reduced caffeine intake. Used to drink coffee all day long and now only one cup every morning. Feel already my body isn't on a roller coaster regarding energy levels. I feel hope my occasional chin acne is going away soon.

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I used to get 1 or 2 coffee a day, and now I don't have to rely on caffeine to keeps me awake anymore. It has been over a year, and I probably only had one cup a month . It didn't show any particular effect on acne or my skin in general, but I do feel great :)

It should take about a week to get off caffeine, let your body to get used to it and function "normal" without it. You won't regret it.

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I am almost three weeks into being completely caffeine-free and I will never look back.

While it wasn't an acne cure for me, my face has become noticeably less oily over the past few weeks. You may think it's the placebo effect, and I agree ... I won't know for sure unless I have some way of monitoring my skin oiliness.

But acne aside, being caffeine-free has definitely improved my wellbeing. I can feel this renewed energy within me and I no longer feel drowsy and sleepy at work, which is a big plus for me.

I used to have to get woken up by my alarm in the morning (even if I slept early the previous night) and no amount of sleep ever felt enough.

Now, I've noticed that I've been waking up before my alarm wakes me, and I wake up feeling ... well, awake!

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I also cut caffeine. I did it cold turkey. I decided one day that no matter how delicious Mountain Dew was, it needed to go. I physically feel better but I haven't seen a big improvement in my acne yet. I'm still working on a healthy diet to go along with it. I hope to see your results in the near future.

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