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READ!!! 30% Glycolic Kits

Hey I was looking at the galleries for acne regimen...this girl cleared up so beautifully you would never think she had acne she has baby butt skin!! on her 8th week on bp, she commented "7 minutes after second 30% Glycolic Kits" her face looked beautiful...has anyone tried this? I am considering using this product along with bp. i did some major research and basically it exfoliates the skin and breaks the "glue" that holds dead skin cells...the process seems easy...i am very excitied to do more research...

comments will be greatly appreciated

also...is this kind of like aha?

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i wouldn't do it yourself- go get a glycolic acid facial at a day spa by a professional so u don't give yourself a chemical burn.

AHA is glycolic acid

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Glycolic peels are super easy to do it yourself. I have performed maybe 8-10 peels. You can save a lot of money if you do it yourself. I would definitely not do it while I am using BP however. But your skin will NOT look great right after the peel. Your skin will look redder and worse for the first 4 days. You won't notice anything until after the 3rd or 4th peel however. There is a thread on DIY peels. Search it up.

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here are a few questions:

-should i stop the bp? If yes, for how long and should i go back later?

-does it actually work?

-do you still do the peels?

-where can i get them?

-and so if i put aha all over my face will this do the job?


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