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I have a feeling that the vast majority of people who post on this board are those who don't just have red marks, but still have active acne as well (even if only a few pimples). They look at their faces and think ‘I only have a few pimples, so it must be the red marks that are making my face look so bad, and making me miserable.’

Perhaps the following sounds familiar?

You follow a constant cycle of waiting for your existing acne to clear, while at the same time piling on products (such as Bio Oil, honey masks, or at-home chemical peels), to attempt to lighten your red marks. You infatuate over your red marks every second of the day. You might even obsess more over your red marks then you do over your active acne. Then, one day, you wake up with a fresh wave of new acne pimples, which will eventually cause even more red marks, and the whole cycle just starts over again.

I have quite a few red marks. But I find that active acne pimples make my face look so much worse than any number of red marks. When my skin has just one small pimple (near my chin or something), it makes my entire face look ever so much worse than if I had no active acne.

Here’s a thought: Your red marks aren’t what is making your face look so bad. Your red marks aren’t even what is making you miserable. What is making you miserable, is the fact that you still have active acne.

My advice is to throw out the Bio Oil, the Cocoa Butter, the Honey Mask, Olive Oil Mask, Vitamin E Oil, at-home Chemical Peels, Hydroquinone, and all the other junk you regularly spoon onto your skin. Do this for the following reasons:

1.) These products do not work. I'm sorry, but you cannot make any difference to your red marks by spending your money on $10 products. It really IS too good to be true. In reality, the only things that work are things that are expensive and must be done in a doctor's office. Things such as laser, high-concentration acid peels, microdermabrasion, and such. The truth is that if you notice any 'improvement,' using other methods, it is most likely either psychological, or you are looking at your acne in darker lighting than before (lighting makes a HUGE difference to how your acne looks).

2.) You will feel crushed when these products do not work. It is a huge bummer when your at-home chemical peel does absolutely nothing, or you wash the Vitamin E oil off your face in the morning and analyze it for the next half-hour, to come up with the conclusion that nothing has changed.

3.) These products can have adverse effects upon your face. There are many posts on here about those who tried at-home chemical peels, which ended up doing nothing except making their skin extremely sensitive and causing their exiting acne to scar. Or those who applied creams and other products to their face only to find out it caused them to break out horribly. There are other horror stories that are similar.

My advice is this: Instead, just focus all your efforts on getting no more acne. You will find that when your face is finally clear of acne pimples, and you only have red marks, you will realize that a countdown has been laid on your skin. It can only get better. You will start to feel prouder and prouder of your skin. You will realize that even though your skin looks terrible at the moment, you know that it is healing, that it will be clear one day, and that the hell you are suffering will one day be over.

By contrast, the experience of waking up in the morning and seeing a new acne pimple or two has sprouted, leaves you with a sense of depression simply for the reason that you know your hell has been extended for another three months or so. Waking up in the morning, and seeing your still-existent but slowly healing red marks, is incomparably less painful.

Don't 'heal' your red marks. Let your body take care of them for you. Instead, prevent any more acne from coming at all costs. That is my advice. It comes from my experience. It is food for thought.

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I have no more active acne what so ever. BP has done wonders for me. I still use it so that I do not get anymore. However, I still have a lot of red marks left over from a bad cystic breakout I had over 2 years ago. They are still there! Recently I have started with AHA wash in the morning, vitamin e oil and lemon juice. These products have in fact faded my post acne marks. However, it has taken awhile. That's why people get discourage, because they expect to see an immediate effect. It doesn't happen that way. It takes time.

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I'm sorry, but you cannot make any difference to your red marks by spending your money on $10 products. It really IS too good to be true.

Some products that are less money can make a difference over time. I just bought the Avon Anew Retexturizing Peel, I have read on this forum that it has made a big difference for some posters with red marks and active acne, and it only cost me $11.95 on ebay.

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But don't you get the red marks after you heal your acne?

Then it just sits there for 6-12 months.. more acne pops up, heal it, more red marks. Then the red marks get irritated by the BP. Its so frustrating. :C

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