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Even acutane didnt work for me.... Im clearing up thanks to the help from a homeopathic doctor (PLEASE READ!!)

OK guys Im going to be as brief as possible cause I know I dont want to read everyones life story with acne.

Most simply put Ive had mild to almost severe at times acne and nothing ive tried has worked, I was placed on multiple antibiotics including acutane (twice) with no results.

After getting fed up I went and saw a homeopathic doctor, he found that I have a bug in my system that isnt reacting well with my skin, causeing the acne, this is called the demodex mite. Its just a mite that lives off the sebum of the skin on mostly everyone but it just dosent react well with some people.

To cleanse my body of this I am taking a product called "seabuckthorn oil" orally and topically I am using Tea Tree Oil 100% pure. I was using it twice a day but iritation was quite high, so I changed to just using the TTO and night, letting it dry on my skin and moisturizing.

The results are very slow as it takes time for this to kill off all the mites in the body but Gradually my breakouts are becomming less common, and less harsh, redness is down, scars are healing, and I think in a few months time I should be completelly clear.

I URGE YOU to see a homeopathic doctor if you havent already, you might have the same problem as me, and if not im sure they will find the problem and help you cure it naturally.

If you have any question at all I will try my best to reply here daily or you can email me at [email protected]

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Yep I think this is the reason I have it too.


And I'm in school to become a homeopathic doctor I love this stufffff.

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