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lemme get down to it

every winter so far for 5 years i've broken out. the past three years (including the current change into winter now) i've been lucky enough to go onto a course of roaccutane. however with the knowledge and past of previous winters i always become depressed and clinically fed up come winter time.

anyway thats part 1 lol - this BEAUTIFUL girl. Roxy. I met her in summer time, and things were just perfect. It was just day after day of making memories with her to remember for the days im not with her. yada yada yada. however winter reared its ugly head. and she could tell i was changing a little in my attitude somewhat. a little more quiet but i still had perfect skin. anyway times got closer and closer, and a few more spots were working their magic on my face at bringing me down. i started to break down again, i was pescribed another course. and IN FEAR, i broke up with Roxy, to save myself the heart brake incase she broke up with me because of my skin or my depressive state etc. I see now it was the biggest mistake ever lol. cause i love that girl. i really do. and i've tried every day to get her back. but she confuses me, she tells me she doesnt want me back because i've broken her trust and like she never evers trusts anyone and some reason she trusted me. however, she texts the most sweet messages, and calls the same time every night. and continues to tell me how she misses me and how she wishes i was with her. so im rather baffled. does she want me back? because if she doesnt, its really fucking hard getting over a relationship that was stopped when it was just flourishing into something really beautiful and she calls you every night.

wtf do i do? and what do you reckon is really going on?

i really want this girl back. she'd give me back my winters again.

btw a week on roaccutane and im all perfectly clear now, because i like pre-empted the shit.

thanks for your help in advance guys, this has been getting me down everyday. real heartbraker


oh and i even told her why i broke up with her, hoping she'd understand, she was like " you broke up with me for a season?" so i dont think she understands how hard it can really be on people that actually do get acne and suffer roaccutane.

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I really can't tell you what she wants or anything, the only advice I can give you that has helped me in the past is: tell her what you just told us. Being honest is the only way you can really try and make her understand why you broke up with her.

I know it's really hard to talk about acne, I still find it hard after being with the same girl for 3 years. But it is going to come up sooner or later if you are going to be with her. Best of luck to you, and I hope things work out!

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Talk to her honestly about these.

If she stops liking you because of acne, at least you get a closure. (I also see that being fair to her)

but if she is seriously care about you, she'll stand by you and help you get through the tough winter.

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yeah i have spoken to her about why i was scared of winter cause of my acne etc.

lol she said Jake, i wouldn't care if you were an albino craterface.


but tbh now my skin is as clear as anything again, however im now left here on my own cause of a ridiculous mistake because how i felt on the day. sillyness :dance: well im hopefully seeing her tonight, and i will resolve all this... lets just hope im lucky enough to win her back :D

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