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GIRLS!!! get clear skin in 4-5months!

Hi girls!

I completely cleared my skin in 4-5 months and i want to share with you all my regimen. I know there alot of posts on this website and its hard to know what to do, but after alot of research i decided to stick to a single regimen and it worked. I truely think it could work for everyone!

Here is how i did it!

I had really bad acne from dec 08 - june 09! I started breaking out like crazy after christmas and got cystic acne all over my jaw line and near my cheeks. I got so depressed because my skin had been pretty clear before that. I concluded that it was down to makeup i was wearing, broke me out severly, and then with added stress i couldnt get rid of it. (Sorry i dont have a pic of it i just couldnt bare look at it at the time!) So after scrapping the makeup it calmed down a bit, but i wasnt treating the acne, i just expected it to go away. I was highly stressed at the time so it just didnt budge!

I came on acne.org and researched and picked up some tips. I also remembered how i cleared my acne a few years ago so i decided to go and follow that regimen with a few added tips from acne.org.


This is what i did :


Cleanser - Biore pore unclogging scrub (morning and night)

Toner - Apple cider vinegar/water 70/30 parts. (Morning and night)

Moisturiser - Nivea soft (Night, or when my skin was dry)

Treatment - 1) Duac Once Daily Gel.

2) Contraceptive pill 'Yasmine' (once daily)


I followed this exact regimen for only a month and i could see a huge improvement. I started this regimen in April 09 and now my skin is completely clear.

Products explained:

Biore cleanser - Just to get rid of dirt etc. It contains salicylic acid which is why i use it. It helps keep the skin clear. You can use any cleanser as long as it contains this ingredient.

Apple cider vinegar - Helps get rid of excess oil and the acid helps fade scars. Great under makeup to help with excess shine!

Nivea moisturiser - i dont drink enough water so my skin can get dry sometimes, and with the Duac gel it can get a little dry so this stuff is amazing! Wont break you out and smells lovely!

Duac - My holy grail acne treatment. I go to this everytime i get a spot, and within a day or 2 its gone! Brilliant, you can buy it in a drugstore/pharmacy. Can be pricey doh but worth it!

Yasmin - I am on the contraceptive pill because many girls get acne because their hormones are imbalanced , this will balance them again to prevent future acne and reduce sebum.

There you have it!!!! I know how it feels to have acne, but i just saw the light at the end of tunnel, stuck out my regimen night and day and now im so happy with my skin, i hardly even wear makeup!

MAKEUP: TRY NOT TO WEAR MAKEUP! your skin will heal so much faster if your not putting a bunch of crap on your face all the time! If you are make sure its oil free.

If you have any questions get in touch! ill be happy to answer. Goodluck.

:) xxxLynstar05

P.s below is a picture of my skin now, in the picture im only wearing a tinted moisturizer no concealor.



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