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Steve's Accutane log

I Finally started my own log. Here's some background info. I'm a white 18 m. I started getting acne in the 6th grade first on my cheeks, not to bad the typical acne. It started to get really bad in the 8th spreading all over my face. After trying all of the OTC treatments that I could find, I finally went to a derm in the 9th grade. He said my acne was bad so he put me on Minocycline. After being on it for a while it cleared up my acne on my chest and back. But nothing on my face. A year or so later he finally switched my prescription to a low dose of Doxycyline. This did nothing for me. My acne on my chest and back even came back. My derm said to stick with it. In the 11th grade he uped my Doxycycline dose very high I think to around 300mgs maybe. So for a year or so I was on and and still I could see no major improvements. I mean it helped but not really. I got fed up with it and not seeing any improvments so I just stoped and decided to try OTC stuff again. I tried Proactiv and even Acnefree but nothing. Acne as bad as ever.

About a month ago I decided to go see a new derm cause my old one finally retired. First thing she said was "I wanna put you on accutane. I wish you would have come to me a long time ago cause your acne is severe and really bad." So I left that day with a script.

Week one

My skin immediately dries out. First couple of days I had a headache. Lips very dry! Have to put on chapstick at least five times a day.

Week Two

My face is starting to dry out and flake especially around my jawline. Face is red, looks almost a little sunburned but not too bad. People keep telling me how good it looks, but I can't really tell.

Day 15/16

Had to go home today from school cause I felt really nauseous, not sure if its from the Tane or not but its really bad. Still not feeling good. I even took tums and a Pepto. Gah! I hope I feel better soon. Skin still same not getting worse only better. Knock on wood!

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