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Okay, so for a week now I've been breaking out with whiteheads and red bumps.

The week before that my skin I was almost clear. I've been using baking soda for the morning and night regimen along with apple cider vinegar.

Now they almost have no effect on me. I keep breaking out everyday.

Diet: I try to eat healthy// i dont drink soda, candy (sometimes) avoid food with oils like soybean, cottonseed, etc except canola because they break me out.

I drink water and juices like Acai Berry.

Inflamation is a problem. I also have small red marks on my face. I also have sensitive skin.

I used lemon juice, topically and as a drink. I've also tried apple cider as a drink.

Does anyone have advice with what i should use? is the BS making it worse? The vinegar?

I'm frustrated bcuz I''ve tried everything but no luck. Should I use BP?

What should I do? Is my skin purging?

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There are many options. In my opinion, I would stay away from lemon juice as that is really strong and might burn a little and I would stay away from vinegar, since it is acidic and may alter the pH of your skin. Note that vinegar is useful for treating yeast infections, but not bacterial infections like acne (to the best of my knowledge).

I have had a lot of success with the on-the-spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in combination with the prescription topical antibiotic clindamycin phosphate lotion. If your acne is not severe, you will probably be successful with just benzoyl peroxide. If it is slightly more severe, you may want to see a derm to get clindamycin (by the way, the lotion form isn't drying or irritating at all like bp -- so it complements bp well. if your skin gets too dry from the bp, you can simply use only clindamycin in those areas and skip a dose of bp).

Something that has also worked really well for me is neosporin cream with pain releif. It has a cream base, hence goes on easily and is not oily like the petrolatum form. Thus stuff works amazingly well. If you ever have any type of pimple that has really come to a head or is open or inflamed in any way, neosporin will do wonders (probably make it go away completely) if you apply a tiny amount directly on the pimple. Neosporin heals wounds quickly and prevents scaring. There are two things I am worried about, however. First, overusing it could cause bacterial resistance. Second, be careful only to put a little bit on. I overused it once (applying excessive amounts 4 times a day to this really big spot) and sure it completely got rid of the spot but it also left my skin looking kind of weird and wrinkly in that location. My skin recovered after maybe 3-4 days, but it made me realize it's important not to overuse it.

If your acne is even more severe, you could consider taking minocycline or tetracyline (oral anti-biotics) which are very effect (i.e., unless your acne is really severe, it will completely clear you). The problem with oral anti-biotics is that you will break out as soon as you stop taking them (and your acne might even get worse then). Also oral antibiotics have the rare side effect of causing black spots on the skin (iron deposition), gray tinting of the skin, and yellowing of the teeth -- one reason why I ruled out taking these. And of course the last resort treatment is isotretinoin, which people shouldn't consider unless their acne is extremely severe.

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