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Life after Isotretinoin (Accutane)

I am 22 and a trainee solicitor and my skin has been bad now for about 3 years. It got steadily worse until I was referred to a dermatologist.

She had been great but I don't think she knows what to do with me next.

I have had two long courses of isotretinoin - the first for 8 months on a dose of 50mg. I came off it and used other antibiotics but I couldn't get on with any of them and in the end my skin got bad enough to go back onto iso. The second course was for 6 months and at a dose of 30mg.

During both doses there were scares about intra-cranial pressure and I was referred twice to an opthalmologist for checks. Both occasions I was told I was clear but we decided it wasn't worth the risk.

I have now been given Zineryt to use topically. The spots are getting steadily worse again though.

Wondering has anyone been through anything similar and got any advice? Has anyone tried anything after iso and found that it works? Has iso not been successful for you?

Any advice would be great - feeling fed up and disappointed after hoping that iso would be the final thing I would need to try.

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Unfortunately isoretonin, although generally powerful and effective doesn't work well for everyone. I suggest that you peruse this website very carefully. Your condition may be due to some type of food allergy or nutritional issue. Also too, check out Dan's regimen. It has helped many.

Wishing you all the best,

Joe Zit

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