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I'm a new member here although I've browsed acne.org in the past. Lately my acne has been terrible ... it's not a new thing, I've had acne for a long, LONG time. But I feel I could use some support, especially from people who've been there/are still there.

I actually got my first zit when I was like 8. (How many 8 year olds do you know with zits??) It got worse as the years went by but all hell finally broke loose when I entered my teens. Hormones & puberty they tell me. I still have bad acne. It fluctuates, sometimes it's manageable, and other times I can't do a thing about it. The acne I get is not an occasional zit here and there... it's some kind that stays swollen and red, so I have like lumps on my face and lots of pus. It can get pretty painful, messy, and VERY frustrating.

I'm almost beyond the point of believing that there's some sort of "miracle solution" out there, but I still want, and need to get rid of my acne. When my face gets real bad, I try and avoid people... I know what my acne looks like, and I don't need the whole world lookin' at it. Lol.

Then there are the people that 'try to help'... give you tips or recommendations on what you should try for your acne. I guess It's nice of them to want to help, but when you have people in the store coming up to you, and doctors writing you prescriptions when that's not even what you're seeing them for, it's extremely awkward but you politely listen while your worst fears have just been confirmed. People do notice... and apparently it's bad enough that they have to say something. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if there was something that actually works. And keeps working. I've also met people that seem to think that we acne sufferers don't take care of ourselves. That if we went to the doctor or just washed our face once in a while it would all be better. Geez, do they think we WANT to look like this? As if we could help it. I don't think they realize the struggles most of us go through, and to no avail.

Well I guess I just figured that it might be good to talk about this with people who know exactly how it is. And if there was ever such a place, the acne.org message board is probably it. I don't blame acne for my problems, I try & live life to the absolute max... I just view acne as a serious medical condition. And as with most medical conditions, the emotional, psychological, & physical effects come with it.


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