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hey what's good everyone?

I workout after dinner which is when i take accutane. My question is should I be drinking a pre-workout nitric oxide formula an hour after taking accutane?

After my workout, I also drink a post workout creatine drink. I also drink 3-4 glasses of mass gainer throughout the day. Is this bad for my liver? Am I lessening the effects of accutane?

some advice would be good!! thanks boys

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unless any of the supplements have a ph level higher than normal you should be fine. only prohormones, artificial test boosters, and steroids have a pH level high enough that it should not be taken while on tane.

Creatine may not be a good idea since it can do damage to the liver if combined with accutane. It could also increase the chance for diabetes if you take one of those creatine mixes with like 70mg of dextrose sugar (creatine needs dextrose for insulin to spike to deliver creatine) , because accutane can raise blood sugar levels.

The protein could actually be good for you while your on tane for the hair problem some ppl have ( http://www.acne.org/messageboard/answers-d...ir-t152239.html ) Just make sure none of the supplements you have have any vitamin A. And i dont know about nitric oxide lessening effects, imo i dont think it would because all its doing is opening your vains more and letting more oxygen flow to your muscles so you can have a better pump. I actually take my dose of tane with a protein shake in milk because of the fats in it help absorb as much isotretinoin as possible.

So my advice would to just stay away from pH level supplements and supplements with vit A. Creatine is your call but just dont over do it.

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Thanks a lot bro! i thought I was overloading my liver with supplements and accutane! Thanks for clearing it up!

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I stopped taking creatine during my course of accutane.. granted your liver can regenerate itself given time, I just think it makes sense not to combine the two. Finding a whey/casein protein without vitamin A isn't difficult since vit A isn't important as far as muscle recovery is concerned.

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So regular whey protein and protein bars don't affect anything?

I was just gonna say the same thing. If you take whey protein every time after you're workout you'll be good to go. I don't understand why people love creatine so much?

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alright. I'll take the advice and drop the creatine for now. But what about a pre-workout nitric oxide formula?

lol capt.obvious i hear ya bro! can't get enough!

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thanks for posting this.. I was thinking about starting accutane and was wondering similar questions.. I just do whey, MV, and fish oil anyways..

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