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the accutane journey

so after finally finding a derm that would give me accutane (claravis) you would think it would get easier from there...guess again not only did my insurance not cover it, i couldn't get approval from insurance and wound up paying 220 dollars..but if that's what it takes i'm in

a little background for you...

My name is eric and have been suffering mild to moderate acne for about 3 years. i am an athlete so im always sweating so my skin is always taking a beating. I've tried everything from creams to pills, washes, facials, etc. but the the only thing i got out of it was a low bank account, no results, and low self esteem. So like i said i finally got accutane, and today is my first day. I'm kind of skeptical because i hear all these success stories and i wonder will i be telling them in about 6 months. with some patience, hopefully i will. here we go...

Day 1

My first day of taking accutane. 40 mg/day i dont really feel or see anything, not that i expect too but i guess after suffering for so long everyone looks for a quick fix.

Looking for some advice and input.. Anyone?

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Hey Eric, congrats on finally starting Accutane!

Trust me, it's a great decision - it seems like it takes forever, but the results are SO, so worth it. My first course was in 2007 and it kept be perfectly clear for 2 and half years.

I'm taking Claravis as well right now - best advice: drink a lot of water, keep aquaphor with you at all times for dry lips and moisturize often.

Good luck and keep posting:)

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