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babian's accutane journey to clear skin!

Background info:

Age: 17 (Had acne since I was 14)

Acne severity: Moderate (Minor acne on forehead and chin, nodular acne on cheeks)

Gender: Female

Alright, so I haven't officially started yet but I did just get my blood tested today to see if my liver can handle the stress. I'm calling my derm tomorrow to see if everything's alright and good to go.

But before I decided to take Roaccutane (I live in Australia), I decided to read up on people's past experiences with it and have heard about a lot of horror stories come up from my search. There are a few side effects which I am more concerned about than others:

Tiredness/headaches? I'm doing my HSC soon (in about 3 weeks) and I'm worried that this will impact on my studying. Can anyone tell me if their headaches have been so bad that they couldn't concentrate?

Hair loss? I bought some zinc, vitamin E and fish oil supplements which I'll be taking. The zinc apparently helps with hair loss, but I think personally given a choice between baldness and acne, I'd choose the acne.

Joint/ back pain? Apparently this is irreversible and I'd rather not suffer from osteo or athritis at the tender age of 17. :(

But nevertheless, I'm tired of seeing my bumpy skin in the mirror everyday so here I go anyway! Here's hoping for the best~

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Day 1

First day down and a bunch more to go :dance:

I'm taking two 20mg pills a day and I'm not sure whether my derm will increase thus later on since my skin isn't SO bad (I only have one moderate cyst on my right cheek and that's coming to a head). There hasn't been that much change, but about 30 mins into my first pill I thought I was a little thirstier. More noticeable effects will probably happen over the next week though.

My lips are still ok but that's because I always use Blistex (yummy) and I'm feeling quite positive and relaxed since I'm currently chilling out to Jason Mraz. :rolleyes:

Over and out!

<3 babi

Oh! And I will try and get photos once I find my camera. I dunno whether it got lost in the perpetual vortex that's my room or if I dropped it in a hole in some other misbegotten place. Hmmm...

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Day Two

No noticeable change today. If anything, a few more pimples popped up on my forehead and right above my eyebrow. I don't think it's my IB yet but - who knows? The cyst on my right cheek hardened and fell off so I think it's shrinking. (I get the feeling that there's more to the story underneath, but what can you do? *shrugs*) But I'm not sure whether that's the Roaccutane or whether it was just time for it to roll on out of here. :think:

So far I don't really feel the need to moisturise anything (not even my lips really, but I'm using Blistex religiously anyway) But every night before I go to bet I put on Vitamin E cream to help with my scarring and to moisturise at the same time. Later on once the rest of me gets drier I'm going to use Cetaphil lotion for my body but keep using the Vitamin E cream for my face~

Stay easy everyone,

<3 babian aka Andi

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