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Getting off of spiro

I was on spironolactone from about November 2008-July 2009. My face seemed to clear up really nicely after only about a month of using it. I also didn't have my period during the time I was it (a very nice bonus). In July I ran out of my prescription refills and I needed to go back to my dermatologist to get another prescription but I was unable to because my dermatologist was in my college town and I was home for the summer. So I just kind of decided to see how it went and if I really needed to go back on it. For about 2.5 months after going off the spiro my face was still nice and clear. Within that last month though, I've noticed it's started getting bad again and right now it's terribly broken out. How long after you stop using spiro is your face supposed to return to its original condition? Just wondering if that 2.5 months when my face was completely clear while I wasn't on spiro was still from traces of spiro that was still left in my body or what. I've been really stressed out this last month, so maybe my face has just broken out badly because of that?

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It took about 3 months off everything for my dd's face to go back to it's pre-spiro condition. I just think it takes a while for all the gunk to build back up in your pores and then - whamo. It feels like it happens overnight. Are you going back on? She went back on Yaz and spiro last May and is just now seeing good results. She also had a Vi-Peel lately and gets laser treatments. This has helped tremendously too.

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