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What could be the cause of my dry skin??

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Earlier this year my skin broke out real bad on my face, chest and back but for the last 3/4 months I made some massive changes to my diet and managed to clear it up a treat however I noticed the last couple of weeks the skin on my face has got incredibly dry and i'm trying to work out why??

My diet consists of: turkey, chicken, eggs, fish, all fruit and veg, sweet potatoes, rye, oats, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, beans, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil. I only drink water, nettle and peppermint tea.

In regards to suppliments i take:

zinc 15mg

MSM 750mg

Calcium 800mg & Vitamin D 5 micrograms

Cod liver oil (156 mg of omega 3) and evening primrose (40mg) with added vit A (800 micro grams), D (5 micrograms) & E (10mg)

Teaspoon of Barley grass

Tablespoon of aloe vera juice

My skin care regime has been the same for a good few years now and has never caused me problems in the past but the only thing i did differently in the last few months was to use baking soda to exfoliate a couple times a week.

Hmm what else... i excercise regularly, let the sunshine get at my skin every now and again and i live in the uk (its still nice weather over here so no central heating is on or anything)

So could anyone suggest what could be causing the skin on my face to dry out or what i can do to balance it out a bit??

Many thanks :)

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I've discovered that when my skin is dry, it's usually because of my before-bed routine. Make sure you put a good moisturizer on before going to bed. I actually put on a good skin revitalizer with DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid and then follow it up a few minutes later with Cetaphil moisturizer which has emollients and humectants that seal in moisture and keep the nutrients working on my skin longer. I've never found Cetaphil moisturizer to cause breakouts.

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Hmm this is an interesting point Mr Crab thyroid problems run in my family big time and I have noticed I have been suffering with headaches and a dry mouth lately as well...think I'll make a docs appointment!

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