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Most derms will prescribe a combo of a retinoid + benzoyl peroxide and/or antibiotic (or possibly dapsone instead of the antobiotic... dapsone and antibiotics are anti-inflammatories). That's pretty much the standard prescription regimen.

Most people that have no luck with prescription topicals give up too early... the trick is to stick it out with retinoids.

If your acne is pretty mild, or you just want over the counter products, a benzoyl peroxide regimen, such as the acne.org regimen (this also has an AHA which is helpful as well), should be sufficient. Check out the acne.org regimen boards if you have questions about it.

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here i got something that might work. Today i mixed both toothpaste and green tea leaves together and made a paste and put on my face like a mask. It stung so bad but after 15 mins i whipped it off almost all my acne was gone, my face was so smooth and fresh that even though i went to the gym and worked out my face was still the same, smooth and fresh and not oily. Out of everything i used so far (Creams, baking soda mask, oatmeal mast) i found this the best because i got results so fast and its so easy to make just by green tea which is pure green tea (lipton is the name)and just open up the tea bag and take the leaves out and i used aqua fresh extremeclean to mix with it. You should also try drinking green tea everyday, i only started drinking it yesterday and honestly almost all my acne is gone becuase of the mask and the green tea. Hope this could help and remember to keep the mask on for 10-15 mins only and you have to close your eyes when you do this because the toothpaste will burn your eyes lol.

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