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Your acne history and social connections


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  1. 1. Was their any break in social connections preceding the onset of acne?? Mentally distanced or physically distanced, girlfriend boyfriend, mom dad gaurdian??

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. if yes, was it a mental disconnect or physical disconnect

    • mental- arguments, abuse, boredom.
    • physical- increased distance, reduced time spent together
  3. 3. what was the type of relationship that was affected??

    • girlfriend
    • boyfriend
    • mother
    • father
    • brother
    • sister
    • other

DIRECTIONS-I would like people to reveiw their own history to perhaps reveal any associations with social connections or no associations with the onset of acne.

I would like only people to respond that really took the time to remember their relationship history timelines and the acne history timelines to see if perhaps there is some correlation between the two, the most import thing as to whether there was a problem was how you felt about the relationship or how you percieved it, so its also an examination of you emotional history as well.

For the benefit of the org and the integrity of this poll, please do not respond unless you really took the time to do it right and give a most definite no, or definite yes, THANK YOU!!

SO please try to remember all your girlfriends/boyfriends and relationship history mother father guardian etc to see there may be any relationship, the key here is how you felt or even your happiness history.

supposedly acne affects most teens, and there is also alot of relationship stress to fit in and what not as well, perhaps the social connection or social stress theory can predict acne, or precedes it.

Im wondering if the actual onset of acne isnt triggered by social stress. With all genetics being considered, i want to know what helps trigger the onset of acne, although im sure the genetic component is individual. I know there is a big association between social connections and acne or when you see one you usually see the other, but it would be quite daring to consider the possibility that psychological stress actually precedes its onset, and if there is any evidence in your own history that may suggest it or refute it. this may not be perfect science by any degree, but its still science or how things may be connected in cause/effect relationships.

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