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Got a wedding need help with acne

I have been using head and shoulders shampoo for my acne for about a month. It helps but I still get liitle bumps and the wedding is just 2 days away. I also use the cetaphal facial cleanser in the shower. Then at night i use the shampoo again. I also use the cetiphal spf facial Moisturizer . Do you recommended using the clean and clear foaming facial cleanser. I'm going out to buy the razor for shaving just need to know what to put on for shaving and what to put on my face after I shave. What Moisturizer to you recommend that wont make my skin oily. I have oily and sensitive skin but that could be from shaving because I always shaved before I shower. thanks for the help

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I wouldn't recommend using anything huge like a new treatment right before your wedding, it make break you out worse, dry your skin or cause an allergic reaction. I got hitched a few months ago and the best advice I can give you is to use a gentle soap like cetaphil its non drying and good for sensitive skin. I'm not sure about the shaving as I am a female lol but my hubby uses a gelette gel shaving cream and he never breaks out from it. Also use a lightweight moisturiser after cleansing and shaving. If u are concerned about oily skin I recommened the mint julep mask they sell at sallys beauty supply its cheap like 1-3 dollars and helps control oil http://www.totalbeauty.com/reviews/product...omSearchSuggest. Now, on the wedding day you may want to get oil bblotting papers. These were a lifesaver the day of my wedding. http://www.totalbeauty.com/reviews/product...archSuggestJust wait to use them until you get to a bathroom lol dont do it in public. These will make ur skin ready for pictures!! ANd for goodness sakes whatever u do, do NOT pick at your face. dont even think about it!

Congrats :)

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I really won't recommend to try anything new right before the big event.

Your skin might have a bad reaction to the new product...

for shaving, check out the Shaving forum inside the General Acne Products

by the way, head and shoulder might not be the best thing to fight acne.

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