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HOW TO PREVENT/RID OF under the skin little white head thingys?

stopped accutane about 3 weeks ago after roughly 8 months on it, i have a couple of little tiny under the skin white head things, very miniscule but none the less annoying!!!! tips and advice would be appreciated! i think it's best not to pick at them though. In general, what kind of vitamins/foods help keep skin clear/nothing under the surface? is it true that sweets = bad for skin?? thanks!!!!

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Yeah, I've read that diets high in sugar (and caffiene) increase your stress hormones, which tell your hair folicles to start producing more sebum (oil) and that gives your skin more oil to get clogged with.

I've read that when your body is low on Lenoleic Acid it starts to use oleic acid to make the oil in your skin. Oleic acid is more of a sticky oil, while lenoleic is a watery oil. I read that they are both omega-6 fatty acids. Oleic is monounsaturated and lenoleic is polyunsaturated. So you are going to want more polyunsaturated.

I've also read that you need Omega 6 at about a 2:1 ratio to Omega-3. So if you are going to take Omega-6, also take Omega-3. I week ago I started taking Omega-3-6-9 that I bought in gelcap form from the store. I really think it's helping my skin; the skin on my hands isn't as dry even though I haven't been using lotion. You might look into it.

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