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Water Only and diet change.....!!

Hello everyone, I am new to these boards! :surprised:! Lets say I am suffering a half way to mild to moderate "stress" acne. I never had skin problems in my life! I allways had perfect skin, but recently (it has been around 3 months) ever sience I started to suffer stress, and my body was really unhealthy because at times (because I do not have money) I would eat once a day, and walk hours and hours every single day to get to one place to the next. Oh yeah I usta go to bed durring that period at 3am allmost every night, and I would wake up early every morning! I lost so much weight so quickly durring that period...

It has been 11 days sience I started to sleep at 12 every night and make shure that I sleep 8 hours, and I also started to eat 3 times a day. Oh yeah I totally feel stress free! My diet is full of veggies, fruits, and water. No sugar, no yeast, no beer, no junkfood, and blah, blah, blah.

I am a female of age 20, and please do not tell me that "I will grow out of it.". It has been 8 days sience I stoped washing my face with soap (intel this morning I washed my face with a natural product to get rid of the dead skin), and ever sience I stoped I totally see a diffrence!

The only problem is the dead skin (which is not so bad), and this is why I wanted to clean my face this morning. Then I will start washing it once again with only water.

I guess I should explain how is my face. I have lots of white heads that you can see in the daylight, or in certain lighting especially on the left side of my face. Then my cheeks are full of red spots, (especially on the right side) and some of these red spots turn into pustules. They are starting to fade a little bit. My skin was oily but ever sience I am washing my face with only water it is back to normal! I get little tiny pimples of my forehead, and I do not know why?

Any tips anyone? What do you guys think?

Thanks :)

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