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Pimples seem to find a way out

So I have been using the BP for almost a month...it's working around problem areas. But, I get pimples in places that i never seen on my face. Near my nose, inch away from my eye...really this little monsters find a way out no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just put the 10% on the spots and i continue using the 2.5% on my problem areas. any suggestions....

honestly i am so tired of using the word pimple, acne,....when is that day going to come where i just sleep without applying bp...and just feel free...........ughh !!!

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You can help reduce your acne by following simple tips that can change your lifestyle. Drink plenty of water each day, as water helps flush out your body, as well as keep your skin supple.

This may sound odd, but make sure you defecate on a regular basis. To help stay regular, eat foods such as prunes, dates, and coffee. Some theories of the cause of acne is the feces/waste in your body. If not effectively and quickly disposed of, your body can re-absorb these toxins back in your body. Make sure you defecate before you sleep, since sleeping for the 8 or so hours can allow the absorption of toxins while you are sleeping.

What you eat can affect your acne. Eat lots of foods rich in antioxidants that fight free foreign radicals in your body. Blueberries are known for that. Eat healthy things, that are good for your body, and cut fast food/ junk to a bare minimum.

Again, it all depends on the person, what metabolism they have, habits, lifestyle etc.

All in all, following these tips, and common sense can aid in reduction of acne overall.

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