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I've really been thinking about if my life will really better once I'm clear. I will have scars, I still still my bright pink color.

And not only that, most of us with acne have such bad social skill its rediculous. I can't hold conversations with my friends, let alone a girl. I'm always told how sweet I am. But that's from girls I've never even met. I keep old myspace pics up so girls think I have clear skin. They want to chill all the time, but I know I look nothing like I do in my pictures.

So really, isn't acne just the beginning? After this we have to deal with everything else. I see so many people who are distraught by scars. It seems just as bad if not as worse as acne since most will NEVER go away. (Atleast according to all the doctors and derms I have talked to)

Basically, didn't acne not only make our life bad for those years we have/had it, but also for maybe even the rest of our lives. I don't think I'll ever be the same. I told myself that I'm destined to live alone, be an unsocial hermit, and just live life in a solitary and lonely manner.

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It is true that most scars will not go away. That is what I will deal with after my breakouts go away. I can already see the many scars forming. You don't have to stop living your life though. I have a girlfriend and I know people who have acne and scars while having a bf/gf.

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Well, a lot can depend on how well your skin generally heals... say you accidentally got a cut, or scrape, how long and how well do you usually heal up? I'd say the same goes for your acne. Also on how bad your acne is and what kind you have. A lot of people do have bad scarring after acne. I often have large swelled up zits, maybe they're cysts, I don't know... but they can be painful to have, and they leave terrible scars. I used Neutrogena Scar Fading Peel for several months. Helped so much. I'm not saying it's necessarily a solution, but stuff like that would be good to check out.

If you have acne, it'll be a part of your life, something you kind of have to accept or deal with... unless you out grow it or find some way to cure it. I hear that eventually people do. The aftermath, scars, yes... but time & your skin will heal itself some, and if you also treat your scars, well that helps too.

I see some people that don't even know how fortunate they are that they don't even have acne problems. But for those of us stuck with acne, it's not the end of the world... yes, it's miserable, annoying, and frustrating beyond belief, but just because we have it, it doesn't mean our lives are destined for eternal misery. If you give yourself a chance, get out there, & build some confidence. I know there are lots of really sweet girls that place way more value on how you treat them and who you are on the inside, not how clear your skin is.

Best of luck to you.

-HomeBoundGypsy :angel:

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