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I've researched how to pop a whitehead correctly and it seems like the consensus way to do it is to use a sterilized needle and pop it with tissue paper wrapped around your fingers or use Q Tips.

I finally tried that for the first time the other day, and it didn't quite work as I expected. The needle was burned with a lighter and then sterilized with alcohol. It was a sewing needle that I bought from CVS.

The needle didn't quite create a puncture hole. I ALWAYS have a big juicy whitehead on all of my pimples. Sometimes I will even get 2 whiteheads on the same pimple(one of the whiteheads are on the top part, and the other on the bottom part). They are both at the surface at the same time, so they are especially difficult to pop. Anyways, when I tried to use a needle last time, it was painful and I had to put force behind it in order to actually puncture a hole in the pimple. It was too painful to the point where I said **** it and then popped it with the q-tips.

My question is, is this the right way to do it and for thsoe of you who have used needles to pop a whijtehead...Was your needle painful when you used it? I feel like since I bought a CVS sewing kit for like 8 dollars that the points of my needles are just to blunt to pierce my skin.

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most of the whiteheads i've popped have been painful. but personally i rarely get any form of acne that doesn't physically hurt to begin with. i've also read articles on how to pop a whitehead, and i've never read one that goes in2 detail about what type of needle to use. i think there wouldn't be any harm in trying to find a sharper needle, but i'd be careful about the amount of pressure you apply to any needle.

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Don't use those kinds of needles....

Buy this from Wal-Mart.

It's for poking holes in your body. You just twist the tip off and you get a very fine needle that you throw AWAY when you're done. You get like 100-500 in a box. They last me OVER a year..


That's what they are.

Buy from Wal-Mart and it's only $3-$5.55

Don't need to use a lighter or whatever. I just poke and let the crap come out. Not squeezing at all. And best of all, my face don't get red.

It's at the isle where you buy tampons.. lol Well it's around that area with toothpaste. Wart Remover, cough medicine...

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