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Acne Reoccuring in the same place

I have mild acne. I get acne in 3 places-

Between my eyes/Along my eyebrows

Left side of my lips down to my jawline

Right side of my lips down to my jawline

I occasionally get one in a random place which doesn't bother me at all. But these other 3 places, their is always some sort of pimple/breakout there. As soon as it clears up, literially I will have 2 days of clearness and then a new pimple begins to form. It's like clockwork, and I am never clear for more then a few days.

Anybody have any reason of this? I thought maybe it was because I popped my pimples incorrectly and that all the pus wasn't actually getting out of my skin. I am not sure if that would cause this, but thats the only theory I've come up with.

Anyone have any idea of why I repeatedily get pimples in the same 3 places over and over again?

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Hey , I am a sufferer from acne and have had it since i was about 11/12 ( im nearly 20) and it is completely taking over my life! I too have reoccuring acne in the same places, and i find that once the spot clears up another will reappear in the same place not so long after. I have tried everything over the counter things, sudocrem, oxytetrecycline tablets but nothing is really working for me. To tell you the truth i can't really tell you why you keep getting acne in these specific areas. Try not to pop your spots ( i know i know, can be hard not too) but if you do pop them then the slightest bit of bacteria left from the popped spot can aggravate the surrounding area and more spots will form due to more bacteria. But do try not to touch your face or have your hair (if it's longish ) touching your face.Hope this hepls!

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