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Why is my acne worse on one side of my face than the other?

On the right side of my face, everything is perfect, except for about one or two slight red marks. The other side, or dark side as I've named it, has a bunch of red marks and a few new whiteheads. What would make the left side worse than the right?

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The skin on my right cheek used to be substantially better than my left. There are two things that I realized made a difference.

1. The fact that I'm right handed.

I unconsciously gave more intensity and time to scrubbing the right side of my face. I have mild acne and my skin responds well to exfoliation. When I exfoliate I naturally apply more pressure to my right cheek because it was easier to scrub my right side with my right hand, compared to scrubbing my left side with my right hand. I also wash my right side first, so my hand got tried before I could clean my left side with the same intensity. Do you give each side of your face the same time and cleaning intensity? Now I exfoliate my left side first or purposefully wash each side with equal force. My left side looks clearer now, like my right side.

2. Which side of my face I used my cell phone.

I know this probably doesn't come to mind, but think about it. You use your phone all the time and NEVER CLEAN IT. It touches your face and anyone else's face that uses your phone. I watched a report on the news one time about this and they reported dead skin cells, acne bacteria, and other substances were found on cell phones they tested. Before I realized this I would get one red, nice sized, inflamed pimple on my cheek every so often. How do you fix this? Disinfect your phone! I use Lysol spray on my phone occasionally to keep it clean. You can also be mindful of how you hold your phone, so it doesn't touch your face constantly. After making those few changes I don't get those kinds of pimples anymore.

I hope this helps!

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