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I use to have acne, but now i have almost no acne, simply from using Benzoyl peroxide. however when i was first beginning to use benzoyl i had used alot of it and had burnt my face... that happened about 9 months ago, now after that my cheeks have remained slightly red, and after hydrocortisone and laser treatments the redness has decreased to a tolerable level. However lets say I have alcohol or in a warm/hot environment my cheeks light up pretty red again... Now the red area is for sure getting smaller and you can almost see like where it cuts off its almost an exact line to it. What im wondering is there anyway to help get rid of this redness? for good? or if it will ever be gone?


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Bump long time ago i know sorry but this problem is still consistant. I just wanted to update any things and see if anyone has any ideas. After all this time my cheeks would get soo dry they would get like spidercracks in them and every moisturizer i tried would either not help or even make it worse, i finally found them so that problem is fixed. Now I have hydrocortisone which when used completely gets rid of it for that night i go out, and I only use it on special ocassions. I should mention also after I burnt my cheeks with BP i used alot of moisturizer thinking it could help. Could this be almost like a scar... or hyperpigmentation. As like i have said you can actually see a "line where it starts and ends immediately to my old, non-red looking skin. and my red patches on both cheeks are not uniform one is smaller, than the other. Please if anyone have any idea of a fix please let me know, im hoping to get into a derm but that might be months ahead. Thanks!!

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