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My name's Jessica and i'm newly 19. Since Mid Jan-Early Febuary this year till about 2 weeks ago (7.5 months), I was on Roaccutane. I started with 3 20mg tablets a week, and then at some point was told by my dermatologist to increase it to 10 a week. I haven't seen my dermatologist in because it just hasn't worked out.

2 weeks ago I decided to stop taking them because my skin had just become far too try (I was using cortisone creams). I had not had a proper pimple in a couple of months and people have complimented my skin (I always wear make-up though!) but I still have little red dots of scarring from when I had bad skin.

Last night I had a mild panic attack because I noticed about 4 under the skin little white head things and quite a few tiny ones bubbling up on my chin (you have to look very closely to see them, but I'm just so paranoid). So last night in the heat of my distress I took to accutane pills, and now really just want to keep going on it again. My dermatologist also mentioned when I last saw him that the accutane would take away my red marks, yet they are still here, so perhaps i should peruse? I'm just terrified of pimples now and crave flawless skin!

If you have taken accutane I would greatly appreciate your advice! I've been googling but can't quite find the answers and advice I'm after. I'm sorry my post is so long!!!!!!

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You really shouldn't be stopping and re-starting Accutane on your own. Istotretinoin is a pretty serious drug, and you need to be working with a doctor and having then monitor your use.

Also, I've moved this post to the Accutane Posts board. You'll get more feedback here.

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