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unusual but effective remedy


i am a chronic skin picker and have over time done some pretty nasty things to my face since i could not resist the urge to attack or to heal that pimple as quick as possible. At times it has worked in my favor and the nasty pus came out of the pimple and i then applied a thin layer of sudocream which greatly diminished the pimple by mornimg and healed it completely in two days.

now the not so great times were when i picked a pimple or the skin to the point where i had a nice hole in my face staring right at me and me panicking thinking wow i did it again.

So heres how you close up the hole fast and it will heal in tops two days:

use saliva yes the saliva in your mouth. I KNOW it sounds crazy but google it and you will see that there is research based on saliva healing wounds in rats in 16 hours compared to antibiotics or other treatments. after those 16 hours the wound was practically gone, they say saliva contains something called histamine which heals skin fast.

anyway so this is what i have done and it has saved me pain and misery from lasting a week to about two days. before going to bed you have to coat the hole with saliva. it will take about 15 minutes or so and you will feel it drying up on your skin and tightening the pore kind off like an egg white mask. MAKE SURE YOU COAT THE HOLE WITH A GOOD LAYER OF SALIVA, then go to bed rinse with water in the morning and the hole will be filled in. Go about your usual routine and dont pick this time. Now repeat if necessary again the following night if not just moisturize the area that was filled in and watch how it magically heals fast.

i know it sounds crazy but it works so please try it before you think this sounds too desperate.

think about it, how do animals heals their wounds, they lick themselves since their saliva contains a powerful healing enzyme to heal their wounds. the human body has the power to heal itself without resorting to chemicals or antibiotics

think about it and best of luck

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Well, I know back in ancient times they would have dogs lick their wounds; a dog's mouth is cleaner than mine, can I have my dog lick my face instead? :lol:

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The human mouth is a disgusting place.

By putting saliva on your wounds you are increasing your risk of staph infections. I would not recommend this method.

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The oral cavity is extremely rich in microorganisms, with 109 bacteria per milliliter of saliva and 1011 bacteria per gram of dental plaque. This microflora is characterized by its ability to adhere to different surfaces (e.g., teeth and tongue) with biofilms formed of different species[57]. Molecular approaches have detected more than 700 species. Among these species, 50% are uncultured microorganisms, and some that belong to the Gemella, Granulicatella, Streptococcus and Veillonella genera appear to be dominant and ubiquitous, whatever the oral sampling site.

Granted, much of the flora is part of your unique human culture of bacteria and you may not be susceptible to infection from it, BUT that bacteria is in your mouth, not elsewhere for a reason.

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