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Arturo's Accutane Journey (Log)

Hey guys i just newly registered on here though iv been here before a few times before just to read people's logs on accutane mostly since im starting my 5 month plan tonight. Going into a little of my history with acne, i have had acne on my face ever since 6th grade. I had the smallest breakouts possible in 5th grade but it got much worse over the years.

During the summer of 8th grade about a year ago i started breaking out on my chest and on my back. My back is horrible im humiliated to let anyone see it. This has held me back from alot of my social life especially pool parties cause i refuse to take my shirt off in public especially since i have on my chest alot too. Iv been dying to get rid of acne forever now and nothing has work. Iv tried Proactive (BS of life), Neutrogena, benzaclin, Benzoyl Peroxide, everything. Yet nothing has worked at all. Im really hoping accutane will cure it mostly since i just started high school and im embarrased when people are looking at me. Acne has taken a great toll on my self esteem..

But hey gotta keep trying right? :D Hopefully this will be the last thing i try that finally works for me.

My old dermatologist said i was too young to take accutane but when we went to the doctor for a checkup she told my mom about her cousin's story with it and other people she knew and told my mom about an amazing dermatologist that cured everyone's skin that she knows. So my mom scheduled an appointment we went and saw him and right away he said i needed accutane which by then i really wanted it. So he gave me the prescription a few days later i got the blood test and i just got the pills literally right now !!!

Im so excited and cant wait to see what my results are. I heard it gets worse at first but im really hoping it wont get too bad especially since my birthday is next week and im seeing the girl im in love with <3 Well i just popped my first pill and is it me or are my nerves just making me itchy? Im gonna put some pics up as soon as my camera wants to work and ill put new ones to see my improvement every week. Ill try to put new updated daily. Thanks you all for your support and love iv finally found people that understand where Im coming from and what i have to deal with everyday. Bye bye :)

Oh and im starting off on 30 mg Claravis. Is Claravis accutane? Cause i freaked out when it said that name.

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Hey Arturo_BFMV!

Congrats on starting your Accutane Journey! It's gonna be one of the best decisions you ever made! And no worries, Claravis is Accutane, just a generic brand - I'm on Claravis too :)

Good luck and keep posting!


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