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any good overnight pimple treatments?

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Hello everyone !

i've been off accutane for a few months now and my skin is back to being oily and i'm breaking out, not as badly as before but enough pimples to stress me out.

I've been using almost every spot treatment for acne and NOTHING IS WORKING

i've tried tea tree oil, 10% benzoyl peroxide, all different types of spot treatments from neutrogena, clearasil and etc.

can anyone help?!

my pimples aren't that big but they are never white heads but just small painful red bumps.

ANYTHING will be appreciated.

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i just wanted to say first off hang in there and be positive because negativity will provide you with guess what more pimples.

a natural remedy i can suggest that helps decrease inflammation and redness of a pimple is lavender oil but it has to be 100% pure. Use sapringly since it dries out the skin. it is also great at healing scars.

another way to calm down a pimple is sudocream, honesly it works best on a pimple that has been popped. aplly a thin layer before bed.

a good trick to reduce inflammation is to do an aspirin and aloe vera mask and let it sit for an hour, it will calm down the acne.

another trick to reduce a pimple is to crush vitamin b5 add a bit of water until it makes a bit of a paste it wont make much but just enough for you to coat a couple places. let it dry for 15 minutes and rinse then watch how the pimple will shrink.

internally start taking vitamin b5 at least 3000 mg and you will see oil and pores dimish as well as acne heal and dry up fast(look up posts on b5)

hope this helps!

best of luck , stay positive and dont give up

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I've been using glycolic acid after I wash my face in the evening, then right before bed I've been applying saltwater and allowing it to dry and I sleep like overnight. It seems to be doing a good job.

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