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Been lurking around these forums for a while, some good reading and makes me feel alot better reading the threads so I thought I'd say hi :angel:

I 24, 25 in a couple of months, from the UK and have pretty much lost the last 8 years of my life to acne, absolutely gutted by it, the amount of birthday meals, social events etc I have backed out of due to embarrasment is unreal, and feel I deserve to have a life now.

Basically I've tried various treatments, was presibed some antibiotics about 7 years ago that I can't remember the name, then prescribed some topical solution, didn't work. Was then prescibed Oxytetracycline, which I've been on for about 4 years and have been on the BP regimen for about a year, all these combined probably helped about 20%

A brief history on my acne....left alone it's quite bad usualy my chin and jaw has 5-6 spots, whiteheads around my nose etc, the treatments above help but not enough maybe for a day or 2 then just break out again, I don't think I've woke up without new whiteheads around my nose for about 7 years which has prevented me from even staying at friends houses to due this every morning, absolutely fed up with it, skin is starting to scar really bad from it and at 24 I reallt can't see no end to it, even now when I twitch my nose it hurts from the whiteheads, and is constantly red from the new whiteheads each morning.

My doctor really doesnt seem all that interested, he'll just palm me off without something else or tell me to "stick with it", it's ok for him to say that he's not the one who has lost his early 20's!

The only hope I get is by reading the Accutane blogs, mixed with a abit jealousy haha, howevery I'm pretty sure I wont be deemed bad enough to be given this, which I disagree with due to the emotional side of it, being 24 and having not enjoyed a night out, or a meal in public etc is a joke, only seeing real close friends that I know won't judge me, and only really enjoying the winter months due to it getting dark at like 4pm, I would be happy to personally pay for the drugs myself under the supervision so it's not actually costing them much.

Even thought about buying it myself which I know is bad but have so far decided against it and would much rather take the course under the correct supervision, but I doubt will never happen.

Anyways I don't really know what I expect from making this post, I suppose it was to make me feel better and to just get it off my chest and talk to some people who won't judge me and are in the same boat.

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Well.. most topical regimens do require patience... especially if we're talking about the stronger topicals, like retinoids. Have you tried a retinoid/ BP regimen before? Or a retinoid/ anti-inflammatory (such as antibiotics) regimen? If you're fighting stubborn acne with topicals, you often need a regimen that has a mixture of strong exfoliation and anti-inflammatory properties... BP helps a bit with both, so it can be enough for some people... but retinoids are much stronger exfoliants, and antibiotics are often better anti-inflammatories.

If you want to try accutane, don't give up on it until you ask for it... you can always ask the derm's office if they're willing to utilize it in their treatments before you make an appointment. If your acne has been unresponsive to tratitional treatments, even if it's only moderate, many derms are still willing to go ahead with accutane.

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