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How long did it take for fish oil to work for you?

Hiya everybuddy...

I bought some fish oil supplements a couple of days ago... made by Micro Genics.. Its salmon fish oil and mercury tested.. Looks like pretty good quality and its pure.. No crap added to it. The bottle says take up to 3 veggiecaps per day, and each veggiecap/softgel contains 1000mg or 1g of fish oil. I've decided to take no more than three per day for now, and if after a few weeks its not helping, I may up it a bit.

Now my questions...

For those of you that it worked for, did it work on a relatively low dose such as 3g of oil per day? If not, how much do you take...

How severe is your acne? (Mine is pretty mild at the moment with the help of a neutrogena salicylic wash and some clearasil benzoyl peroxide/bentonite acne cream follwed by Neutrogena spf moisturizer). I also take 15-30mg of elemental zinc per day. I'm scared to take megadoses of anything and the zinc does seem to be helping even with the low dosage.

Also, if it didnt work for you (made acne worse), did this happen immediately? i.e. would I have realized by now that its making it worse? I've been taking it for 5 days now.

Oh, and also, if ya dont mind my asking are you male or female and is your acne hormonal? I dunno if this has an influence on it... I'm female and 17..

Thanks heaps everyone!!! =)

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