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i started out the day feeling fine and ready for the day to begin!.. then come 3rd period i start feeling very strange on my face in a few stops and after 5th i looked in a mirror and found that there were TONS of new cystic acne spots forming on my face. and i mean HUGE and RED. there was 2 on my cheeks, 3 on my forehead, 1 in the center of my chin, 1 under my eye, and 1 on the tip of my nose. im rudolf that got thrown in a tomato patch. anyone able to offer me some advice to make it through the day tomorrow with this? your advice is soo much appreciated. thanks so much

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Noone will remember. Whenever I have an issue with my face at school I just deal with it the best I can and keep the mindset that yeah it's bad but it'll go away and people wont remember tomorrow.

Ever seen other people with acne? Do you remember the exact spots they had? Nope

My acne meds are great for making my horrible face look decent. I use retin-a which lightens my face dramatically. The clindamycine I use works great overnight. So I dont know if you're on either but that's what works for me. I once woke up with tons of white spots on my face and, i know this sounds gross, after I got rid of them and put the retin-a on, it looked like I never had them. (this was in the morning before school too)

Retin-a is a miracle worker, get it. (It's perscription)

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im actually on both of those which is the strange part about all of this! i use retin a at night and the clindamysen in the morning but im still getting gigantic painful spots. but yeah you are right that makes me feel so much better to think of it that way :)

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