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Does indoor tanning cause acne?

Hi guys

Been taking the holistic approach and my skins been clear for a good 3 weeks (haven't been able to say that since I was..12 maybe? I'm 24 now). I went to the tan can yesterday and within the hour I had a new (largish) pimple on my back and very small ones on my chest and stomach (which have come up progressively since) - and the older marks seem redder, skin just doesn't feel great overall.

I went to the tan can during winter (which has just passed here in SA) to make sure I'm getting enough vitamin D (and I cant say I mind the tan) - and at the time I started my body acne got much worse too. I didn't make the link since my skin was pretty up and down at that point and I was trying different things that may have been having a detox effect but since it happened again (after my skins been feeling great) it must be a factor. Also, this good patch that I've been having happens to be during a time that I backed off from the tanning for maybe 2 weeks.

Strange things is, the last time my skin looked fairly good was after a holiday in the bushveld where I got a good tan from a hot Limpopo sun. And last week I was walking around shirtless on a hiking trail in the sun too - so I do my fair share of sunshine and sweating with no acne side effects (it helps actually). I'm going to stop the indoor tanning and see if things get better again, just sucks that I was making amazing progress and it reversed a bit after this.

So does anyone know whats up with the indoor tanning factor? Has it made your skin any worse too?

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Well, my friend that lives with me, well she goes tanning and she doesn't come out with pimples or acne.

So, no.

It could aggravate your skin, perhaps. And the reaction to make you break out.

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Hello Friends,

Its kind of topic which is open ended, I find your content to point but not much guiding to skin looked fairly good. I refer most of the topics and Write some article on it. Just have a look on - Treatment for rosacea

http:// rosacea-skin-care.weebly.com/1/post/2009/10/-treatment-for-rosacea.html

And yes at this point skin is pretty seems up and down. So need to take a special care of it.

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I too used to be confused with this issue.. The summertime was the only time when my acne would actually improve when I tanned in the sun. Not only would the tan make my skin look better, there was always a huge notable decrease in acne.

Thinking that I finally found a cure, I began going to a tanning salon in the fall, only to find that things were made worse. Yes, I was getting a tan, but my acne was getting worse.

After a little bit of research, I found an answer that makes alot of sense.

When you are exposed to sunlight, you are receiving a wide range of "light spectrums" The Ultraviolet spectrum is what penetrates the skin, increases the production of melanin, and makes you tanned. This is also the part that is bad for your skin. The anti acne benifit comes from the yellow spectrum of light that kills acne bacteria. I read one study where I think it said something like over 90% of the bacteria is killed from a certain amount of exposure from the sunlight.

Anyways tanning salons only produce the ultraviolet light, which cause your skin to tan. It also causes your skin to dry in the short term, and then produce more oil later, which doesn't help with acne. As well the skin sheds sooner than it should, and clogs pores.

So moral of the story, stick to real sunlight.

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Are you using products on your body and face when indoor tanning?

Designer Skin Saving Face has a non-comedogenic lotion that works great on the face.

If you go tanning once a week you should be fine the only thing thats causing acne would be the excessive dryness which could be easily taken care of with a good moisturizer.

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