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Chinese medication

Anyone follow this?

I have been recently. a lot of reiki (google it), acupuncture etc.

Recently I've been looking into something the Chinese refer to as DAMP HEAT for a few problems Ive been having. This can be linked to thyroid issues as well as the popular CANDIDA thats discussed so often on here. There are pills and products made for this, you can find a specialist who can find you the perfect balance of supplements also

Quick references on damp heat (I suggest a google search as well because there is a lot)




I also suggest a search of "yin" "yang" & "qi"

You will find a lot to sift through

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There definitely must be something to this. I am looking into acupuncture for my hyperthyroid, which may also be contributing to my acne.

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There definitely must be something to this. I am looking into acupuncture for my hyperthyroid, which may also be contributing to my acne.

I think it's without a doubt the cause... It all ties into each other, take a look at hyperthyroid being an autoimmune disease and google search it with celiac disease. This is also an autoimmune disease and MANY MANY hyperthyroids follow a gluten-free diet which is what a celiac is, a person unable to digest the gluten protein. hypers are often celiac themselves.

Now take a look at this


Sensitivity to gluten and its ensuing inflammation implies an immune reaction and, therefore, an antibody that has been found in the blood of up to 40% of American people. Symptoms typically start to occur when the auto-immune reaction and inflammation start to damage the intestinal tract, and, more specifically, the small intestine and duodenum. At that point the disease might manifest itself through it typical symptoms of cramps, gastric reflux and various digestive problems. Some reactions might be acute while some might be milder and more hidden in chronic diseases.

The underlying condition is basically a chronic inflammatory response takes place due to over acidity in the intestinal tract (the intestinal flora and villi get destroyed) leading to what, in Chinese Medicine, would be described as chronic intestinal toxic Damp Heat environment. The constant heat/inflammation produced can then lead to a Yin deficiency, a lack of lubrication and fluids in tissues or organs and a host of various diseases characterized by dryness and constant inflammatory responses.

If you suspect an intolerance to gluten or would like to check how gluten affects your health and possibly some plaguing, stubborn symptoms, the best solution, to avoid complicated and expensive tests, is to simply take out wheat and gluten containing products (which requires keen scrutiny since gluten and wheat are often hidden in foods) for at least three months up to, ideally, one year. At that time, evaluate changes in your health. Slowly re-introduce items one at a time, starting with the safest ingredients such as, for example, good quality shoyu containing a small amount of wheat, low-gluten grains such as oats first, then sprouted breads and yeast-free breads made of old grains such as kamut. Re-introduce one ingredient at a time over several weeks and assess if any symptom or discomfort re-occurs.

In my Chinese Medicine practice I often see patients who suffer from gluten intolerance, many of whom do not suspect it but come with a host of long plaguing stubborn ailments. In their past one usually finds heavy intake of dairy, sugar, white flour products or abuse of drugs and alcohol, all of which have weakened the gut and made it particularly sensitive to the chemical imbalances in our environment. Anyone with an overly acidic body environment is likely to be sensitive to gluten. What, of course, remains to be discussed is the place and role of wheat and high gluten grains? Are they best avoided altogether? Some argue that gluten is used in the making of glue and is not suited to human consumption. Or is it simply our human greed and desire for increasing yields that has turned beautiful grains into toxic products for so many?

I think it all revolves around this yin deficiency & damp heat issue.

I want you to also take a look at this thread from a celiac disease forum.... found it overall interesting & there is also another one of those damp heat references tied in there


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