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AHA and back acne? Please read

So I had back acne for about 5 years (im almost 19) and i still would have it if I hadn't stumbled upon the amazing product, AHA...

So my back has slowly been clearing over the past 2 months and now it's completely clear of zits. I mean its smooooth for the first time in 5 YEARS! I'm pretty excited about it, but I still have tons of red marks everywhere...shoulders, arms, back. I stopped BP completely on my back and the acne is still staying away. I actually havent used BP on my back in about a month and a half.

Has anyone tried aha for bacne and did it make your red marks go away? I think it is making them fade slowly, but it's taking so long i really can't tell a huge difference.

To anyone who hasn't tried AHA, it's the ONLY thing that has ever cleared me completely. You will break out at first for a couple weeks because the AHA is actually taking the dead skin off and surfacing the zits. BUT once the breakouts stop, you're in the clear : ) by the way, i broke out for about 2 1/2-3 weeks into my AHA regimen so stick with it. You'll be pleased. Oh and it burns like hell the first 2-3 times u use it. It's strange because I have used it day and night since then and it has hasn't burned since.



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I'm in the same boat. I am using AHA for my bacne and it has been cleared but the red marks are taking forever. I use olive oil occasionally and it actually does help red marks. Sounds crazy though, but the oil is actually non-comodegenic.

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I use AHA from Walgreens...its called Amlactin

It costs ab $25 for a big bottle of it that will last you months

I don't even use bp on my back anymore. AHA has cleared it completely and the red marks are surely fading

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