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and I picked ... again

So there are 3 spots on my face.

spot no.1, I manages not to touch it for 4 days at all with a bandage on,

it peeled off on its own, with a not-too-bad pink mark.

spot no.2, It showed up as a whitehead, I didn't touch it and let it grow for near 24 hours, then the surface got scratched by the towel after shower. the mark is not that bad.

spot no. 3.....

spot no.3 is the tough one.

I thought it was healing, but then I saw some pus is growing inside.I left it untouched for almost a week. but then I know it will never heal if I don't get the pus out. two days ago, the scar got scratched off after shower (and there we go, bad things always started after you scratched it off)

yesterday morning, I saw the pore where the thing is growing, of course I squeeze it out. It wasn't watery or solid, somewhere in between, rather stick to itself...Last night, the scar was kinda forming, but somehow It feels like something is still there, like.. blood. and I scratched it...........

Now I'm not sure how bad the scar/mark will be... it's just like a red open wound......

Gosh, it's probably going to take 3 months to heal. Maybe just in time for taking pictures at Christmas...........

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I've tried this and it worked for me for open wound. Put a little honey and a bandaid on it. The honey will keep it clean and the bandaid will keep stuff from sticking to the honey.

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I found that honey does help a bit :)

although I just use it as a mask (not too comfortable with the idea of leaving honey on my face for too long )

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Nah, it's good, you can leave it on overnight if you need to :)

PS, do me a favour. Take a lip-stip or white-board marker and write on your mirror in your bathroom.

"Alona says NO picky, picky!"

Then when you see that put the tweezers down and step away :lol:

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I actually thought about sticking a memo on the mirror lol

I haven't pick my skin these few days, it's going reeeeeally good :D

I'm putting thick layer of neosporin on all day, since it's sticky, it stopped me from touching!

and neosporin is actually healing my face pretty good. loving it!

when I do a honey mask,

I also smash 1/4 tomato in it (and eat the remaining 3/4).

the honey really cleanse, heal and gives a lovely glow!

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