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can they disappear? PLEASE HELP ANSWER THIS.

Sometimes i will feel a painful hard bump coming one which is sure to become a cyst. Usually I just load on a glob of duac (BP+clindamycin) on the spot for a couple days and on a few occasions the spot has just gone away WITHOUT COMING TO A HEAD. This usually only works along the jawline and sometimes on my cheekbone, but anyways...

I was wondering... how is it possible for them to disappear like this when there is obviously a whole lot of sebum clogged up in the pore? where in the world does it all go!?

If it stays there festering under the skin wont it eventually come back to get me? :think: haha

i have a few right now on right corner of my mouth/chin that i really feel like popping to get everything out but if doing my usual routine with the duac can somehow make the pus disappear for good then i will probably avoid it

it would be amazing if anyone could help


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i dont know

but i get the same thing sometimes. i can feel a hard bump under the skin, so i treat with heaps of tea tree (i also use aha mornings and night) and most of the time it goes red then goes away, or comes to head but is tiny. My theory is that as pus is dead whiteblood cells, maybe your body was more successful in fighting the infection when it just goes away. Dont go digging at it, you'll just making it worse and open it up for more bacteria to get in. I've never got peoples facination with picking at pimples, i think its grosser then leaving it, plus its more likely to scar. Pus (gross as it is) is a good thing, it shows that your body is defending itself!

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thanks hyacinthe!

i have only tried tea tree oil which was mostly an alcohol and the bottle lied to me saying that it was pure TTO. i guess it has to say 100% haha so yeah that did more harm than good.

what brand do you use?

i agree with you about how the body fights the infection but what i dont understand is even if whatever we use kills all of the bacteria don't we still have dead bacteria in there? i see how it could stop it from growing bigger but how does it go away without coming out?



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