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Isolaz laser acne treatment


I just wanted to post about my experience with Isolaz laser.

As a brief background, I am a 29 year old female. I have battled with acne since age 15. Birth Control Pills worked for some time, I was also on tetracycline for 3 years, used proactiv for 10 years, and other assorted prescriptions. Anyway, in early July I stopped the pill, and all hell broke loose on my face (or should I say, chin. That is where all my acne is). I had severe, painful red cysts that would last for weeks at a time, burst, scab, it was horrible. I'd have like 10 at a time, I was in pain and crying every day. I stopped going to the gym, couldn't even look my husband in the eyes. I was doing research on acne treatments, and came across Isolaz. I found a doctor about 20 mins away from me that performed this laser, so I booked an appt right away (mid-August).

My first appt, he prescribed me 50mg of doxy per day, and retin a micro .1%. I also had my first Isolaz treatment that day. It was incredibly painful (the Isolaz website says "100% of people said there was no pain") that is a load of crap. Laser is painful, period. It didn't make it any better with my open, huge cysts.

So basically Isolaz is a vaccum and a laser in one. So the tech went over my chin with the vaccum, sucking out nasty crap from my pores. It's basically a high tech pimple popper! Then, goes over with a "double pulse" laser beam, that's the most painful part. Quick though, lasted about 5 minutes.

The doctor said I should have at least 4 treatments, and I must say the first month, I saw no change at all. I went weekly for 4 weeks straight, and also used RAM every night. The peeling was substantial, and after my first 2 lasers I had big purple bruises on my chin, awful. After the 2nd one though, that stopped (and I also wore makeup so it wasn't too bad).

Anyway, last week was my 6th treatment. I decided to do more, as I had yet to see results after week 4 and wanted to keep trying. After the 5th, I really noticed a difference. Stopped getting cysts completely, and only a few little zits here and there. Those were welcomed after the huge ones! Last week, I went in for #6 and the tech said "WOW!" She couldn't believe what a difference. She actually said she wished she took before photos, so she could take after ones and show clients how well it works.

So I'm on week 7 now, and my skin is finally clear. Right now I have NO zits at all, small or large. All that is left is some residual red marks, which should fade. It's even PMS week, and no breakouts. My acne was hormonal, so this is huge. I cannot believe when I wake up in the morning, and see no huge disgusting cysts staring back at me. It's a miracle! I am so happy, and can go out again and not be so self-concious.

I am going back a few more times for maintence, but I'm hoping with my continuing usage of RAM it will stay clear. The doctor told me though, this isn't a CURE for acne. Of course it can always come back, but it is a treatment.

It worked so well for me, I wanted to share my success. If any of you are considering Isolaz, I really recommend it. Over 85% of people that try Isolaz, it works on them. I am so happy I tried it, as it could have taken 6 months plus to see true success with retin a only. I have my life back again!

As for the cost: Since the acne was only on my chin area, it was $100 per session. If you have.

acne all over, the price goes up. So $600 in total, which is a small price to pay for clear skin.

If anyone would like more info, feel free to ask!

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