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Hey folks, I've been lurking these forums for almost 2 years but decided to put it out here incase anyone, ANYONE has the solution.

I have had acne for almost.. three years now maybe four. I berely ever have 'pimples' I've never had cystic or severe acne but what I've had and STILL have is Moderate acne/red marks that just won't give up. They're usually quite small, the odd time I'll get a pustule but they're all over my face. Chin, under the nose (off and on), both cheeks peristently, nose (always and blackheads), forehead (off and on).

I've tried many things, salycic acid, the regimen .. (using not dan's products but 2.5% BP and clean and clear mild cleanser (alternative) here's the thing.. I started it last summer and it went well I cleared up magnificently but then after a while i stopped using it and my acne came back. At this time I would never get acne on my cheeks, just the chin and T zone.

Then after my acne got worse I tried using it again this summer. By this time I had gotten a lot of acne from working out and it was everywhere, just small ones. I kinda cleared a bit but not really.. and I've tried more and more.. I just think my acne has come resistent to any treatment.

I've tried everything.. Even cleansers and 3 day diets.. just nothing works anymore..

If anyone can suggest what products would work please tell me.. i'm almost giving up here.

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Well, first I know how it is to get antsy for a cure, but whichever method you try you need to give it 8 weeks to do its thing. If you only try a treatment for a few days and then switch to another you might not be giving any of them time enough to work.

Unfortunatelly everyone is different, so what works for everyone else might not work for you; however, I can tell you what I'm doing.


Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser, 2% SA

Cetaphil Moisturizer

Aqua Glycolic


Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil Moisturizer

Aqua Glycolic

Saltwater solution, applied right before bed and left overnight

Dietery Suppliments:

Multi Vit


Time release Vit C

Calcium chews

tsp honey

Omega-3-6-9 gel capsules

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Eat different I would say.

If you haven't, try removing dairy and for calcium, get the supplements.

If you're eating soy, like soy burgers and soy milk, try stopping that too.

Using Whey? Stop using that too. There's protein in a lot of things. Peanut butter, chicken, and so on. I'd skip those protein bars too. If you're using "health bars", try stop eating those too.

See if it has some sort of affect.

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