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Cyst/growth on knee?!!

So guys... recently I developed something of a cyst right on my knee cap. All the sudden I noticed I had a dime sized, couple of centimeter bump raise on my knee. I thought it may just be a weird knee zit, as I've gotten somethere. But it was large, and it also sat on the spot where I had a long scar (from putting my knee on an exhaust pipe about 8 years ago).

So when I went to the derm next, she said it was probably just a cyst, or maybe she described it as a benign growth, and said there wasnt anything to worry about. But then a, few days later, I bumped my knee on a counter and it sort of popped, and pus came out. Its still healing, but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts? Its a weird place for a 'zit,' so I was worried that maybe I had popped a cyst or something, and I didnt know if that was a bad thing, in terms of it spreading?

any thoughts would be fun...

Also, to note, I suffer from some pretty bad acne, with about 2 cysts on my face at any given time :(

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Hey friend, I'm a cyst-er (ha ha ha) too so I feel your pain.

I just wanted to point out quick that YES, you can get a cyst on your knee...but not all cysts are acne cysts. Some are a different kind, just pus-filled skin lumps that form for other reasons. My husband has one on his arm, for example.

If it keeps coming back, I'd worry about it....but don't worry that your acne has spread to your knee. It's probably a leftover, unresolved issue from your injury there.

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